How to Monitor Your Snapchat Views.

After joining snapchat and already sharing videos and snaps, it is important to watch your snapchat views. This monitoring helps you to gauge which stories performed better in the course of your interactions. The more a story generates more views from your friends or followers, it helps you focus more on posting similar content that will keep your engagements going on and on. Though snapchat does not show the views a story has generated, it indicates the number of views of only a snap. The list of all your followers who have viewed the snap from your story is displayed. How do I activate this?

It is simple, go to “my friend’s”  page and tap on your name. There is a blue icon that is always next to the snap. This blue eye icon informs you of the number of Snapchat views it has attracted. Proceed to tap on it to know the names of the viewers who saw your snap. Knowing the number of views a snap has generated is used differently by individuals and corporates. There is no universal or the right way of using the collected data. Let it be to your advantage and better your engagement on this social media platform.

How An Awesome Avatar Increase Your SoundCloud Followers.

After creating a profile in SoundCloud and uploading your first song, you expect it to gather enough likes, plays and attract more SoundCloud followers to your profile. You need all this to get more plays and reach out to your fans. What if this is not forthcoming? Probably the problem can be originating from your profile that fails to arise the first impression to visit your profile. The cover speaks a lot to potential SoundCloud followers as they base their judgment on the cover page. It is because of this that you need to come up with a unique and distinct avatar plus a header as the first way towards your branding as a music artist.

These two should arise the curiosity of a potential follower at the first sight of seeing your profile. Let the header and avatar speak more beyond your music as your personality is also brought out. All this should be made with a focus on the future as you intend to use the platform for subsequent songs the followers might be interested in. Let the header and avatar used portray the genre of music you plan to focus on and be associated with. Once displayed, fans of that genre won’t hesitate to follow your profile immediately.

Recognition for Sound Followers

Most of the artists today use sound cloud to get their music out there. It does work very well for them. It has helped them to achieve a lot of visibilityand even get their music out there. Most of them have been able to develop very solid fan bases for the use of sound cloud. This is the main reason as to why it is extremely important for them to get as many sound followers as possible. However, there are people that have tried times without number to get their music careers going on sound cloud but it has never really worked for them. Why is the case? The answer is very simple; they jumped to sound cloud.

Sound cloud is a goof platform that is helping a large number of artists. The truth howeveristhat it works better for established and known artists that already have a name out there in the market. There is one truth about sound cloud. When people go to sound cloud, they are not usually going to look for random music. They are usually going to search for a particular artist that they love to listen to. If they are not looking for an artist, they are usually looking for one particular song. It is never a random occurrence where they just decide to go onto sound cloud and see what is there; they usually know what exactly it is that they are going to get form there

That being said, as a new artist looking to get sound followers, it would be very wise for you to get your name out there first. Getting into and making it in the music industry is not something easy. The success surely does not come overnight and it will really need you to work had. Getting people to listen to you and like what you are saying is not an easy job. You need to know that for people to follow you on sound cloud, they need to know you.

It would work very well for you if you first take the time to get a solid footing in the music industry before you start posting your content on the platform and looking for followers. Release a good number of songs, perform in a good number of shows, and let your songs receive good airplay on all the major radio stations, let people talk about you. Before you go onto sound cloud, you need to make sure that people actually know about you in the market and they are eager to listen to what you have to say.

Once you have managed to create awareness in the market about the fact that you are in that market and you are producing music that the market would love to hear, join sound cloud. If you do this, you will realize the amount of power that you can have on the platform. Yu will find that people will willingly log onto sound cloud and search for you. Their curiosity will be picked high enough for them to start looking for you on sound cloud.


How to Have More Followers on Snapchat

Social media is no longer a developing trend. It has become this generation’s way of life and is here to stay. Snapchat is now the third most popular social network and has made consistent headlines. Building an audience in Snapchat is different from other platforms since it is not based on likes or shares. Whether you are an individual user or a small business, you can get more people to follow you on Snapchat by following this tips and tricks.

– Snapchat gives you the power to become a TV show, like a series or soap opera that people look forward to watch everyday. To create your own Snapchat empire, you must tell stories based on things that interest your target audiece. Produce an amazing content that they will surely like and rave about.

– With so many people on Snapchat doing the same thing, the best way to build more snapchat followers is by being creative with your content. Create something enticing and will get people talking about and share with their friends.

 If you want to gain a larger following fast, promote your Snapchat account through websites for a fee; or even for free. Since popular websites receive thousands of views every day, this is a surefire way to boost your following. For beginners, starting out with other social network channels is recommended.

Dealing With Stubborn Snapchat Followers

After spending much time and developing several strategies to grow the number of Snapchat followers, it comes to a time when the numbers need to be reduced for some reasons. This platform brings people from all walks of life with diverse personalities and views that may not be in line with you even with some level of tolerance. To keep active engagements with other followers, you need to get rid of such characters instead of you opting out of the platform. Thanks to the deleting and blocking feature on Snapchat that you can use in such cases. Understand each process to help you shape your decision whether to block or remove them.

Deleting Snapchat followers;

If you intend to get rid of some of your followers totally, this is the option for you. Initiate the Snapchat app and swipe down the camera screen. This will display the app’s home screen. Tap on the friends’ icon to view the list of your followers. Identify the name of the person you intend to delete from that list. Be keen in the selection because the process is irreversible and you may end up removing the wrong people. On displaying the names of those, you want to remove, tap on the gear icon located on their name card. You will get the editing option, blocking or removing them.

Go ahead and choose the remove option and a prompt confirmation will pop up. It is the last point to confirm or cancel the removal request. On confirming the same, you will not see their snaps or them view yours until you re-add them again using available options for adding friends. They will still appear on the list, and you can add them immediately. But once you exit the app, they will disappear and won’t be in the lists the next time you log in.

Blocking followers;

Here, launch the app and swipe down the camera screen to land to the home screen. Tap on the friends icon and the current list of your followers will be displayed. Select the name of the person you intend to block. Their username, full name, and the unique Snapcode will be displayed. Access such details from the stories page too. On the name card, tap on the gear icon to show the edit, remove and block options. Select the block option, and a confirmation prompt will pop up. Confirm the same to effect blocking. From there, that username won’t send you any snaps. On their end, you will be removed from their friend’s list, and your account will appear as if your Snapchat account has been delivered. This option is ideal in the cases where you intend to unblock such Snapchat followers later.

In both cases, Snapchat administrators collect information regarding the decision for applying them. If you state that it is due to harassment or being bullied, the said accounts may get further repercussions and even their account terminated. It is part of safety measures initiated to keep all users comfortable when socializing on this platform.


A twitter follower is a person who subscribe to see another person’s tweets. A follower should have an account on Twitter, to be able to follow certain people, who also have a Twitter account. They will show up in the followers list of the person that is being followed. Once the person they are following login to Twitter, the follower can see their tweets on their home timeline.  The follower can also have a conversation with the person that is being followed, by using one of the Twitter’s feature which is Direct Messages. For a person to know who’s following them, they can just simply click the followers link and it will show up how many followers they have as well as the specific details about their followers. A person can also increase the numbers of their followers by learning how to engage with other people and being an active part of the Twitter community by means of reading and posting high quality information on this type of social media network.

Twitter followers at first may be family or friends, but as soon as one continuously improves his or her tweets, surge of followers may come right away.