How to Monitor Your Snapchat Views.

News 11:11 November 2019:

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After joining snapchat and already sharing videos and snaps, it is important to watch your snapchat views. This monitoring helps you to gauge which stories performed better in the course of your interactions. The more a story generates more views from your friends or followers, it helps you focus more on posting similar content that will keep your engagements going on and on. Though snapchat does not show the views a story has generated, it indicates the number of views of only a snap. The list of all your followers who have viewed the snap from your story is displayed. How do I activate this?

It is simple, go to “my friend’s”  page and tap on your name. There is a blue icon that is always next to the snap. This blue eye icon informs you of the number of Snapchat views it has attracted. Proceed to tap on it to know the names of the viewers who saw your snap. Knowing the number of views a snap has generated is used differently by individuals and corporates. There is no universal or the right way of using the collected data. Let it be to your advantage and better your engagement on this social media platform.