The Uses of Lemon for Acne

While your usual feeling might be to go for the drugstore to purchase acne treatments from among the overabundance of skin care products, you can discover an appropriate acne medication in your refrigerator. Lemon decreases redness and irritation from acne and restores to health imperfections. Nonetheless, there are several things you necessitate identifying concerning lemon for acne prior to applying its juice to your skin.Lemon for Acne

Issues Concerning Lemon and is Uses for Acne

Utilizing lemon as an acne treatment may possibly sound odd initially, but as soon as you consider regarding it, it makes sense. Lemon is affluent in vitamin C, which is an anti-inflammatory as stated at the Cure Guide. Even though, it may possibly be not be your initial choice to slather lemon juice on your skin, it is still worth trying for even in the midst of numerous acne treatment products available. On the other hand, if you are searching for a routine that is milder than benzoyl peroxide or prescription medications but still cannot eliminate imperfections, you must take into account using lemon, as stated at the American Chronicle.

Sources of Acne

Acne can be triggered by an assortment of things, counting hormone fluctuation, excess oil and dead skin cells that are delayed to loosen up, as stated by the Skin Care Physicians. Once the oil and dead skin cells gather within the pores, acne starts developing. For acne medication, it is significant to regulate oil, persuade sufficient exfoliation, and destroy bacteria within the pores. For several individuals, lemon can give such an answer.

Role of Lemon for Acne

Lemon performs as an acne remedy since it includes alpha-hydroxy acid, an element in attendance to all citrus fruits. This acid works as a good exfoliator as stated at Cure Guide, since it persuades dead skin cells to slacken off and destroys acne-causing bacteria. It can also decrease irritation and let present acne lacerations restore to health.


Utilizing lemon as acne remedy is in reality rather uncomplicated. All you ought to do is wash your skin with tepid water and dab it dry. Immerse a cotton ball or pad in a freshly-squeezed lemon juice prior wiping it on your entire face. This will work as a toner, absorbing oil and eliminating dead skin. Cure Guide states you must let it stay on your skin for 10 minutes prior washing properly with lukewarm water.


People with responsive skin must not possibly utilize lemon as an acne remedy since it can irritate or burn your skin. If you desire to experiment it with anyhow, weaken the juice with water prior putting it on your face. Similarly, if redness or inflammation forms following the treatment, stop utilizing it and look for distinctive remedy alternative. In view of the fact that lemon juice can make your skin extra photo-sensitive, make sure to put on an oil-free sun block prior going out in the open air.

Even though lemons have an extensive history of utilization in European folk medicine, additional clinical proof is required to verify the effectiveness of lemon juice as a convincing treatment for acne. Topical treatment of lemon juice is not recommended for serious situations of acne or scarring. It can inflame responsive skin. Additionally, to not utilize lemon juice on your skin prior sunbathing, since it can intensify your danger of having sunburn.

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