News 11:11 November 2019:

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A twitter follower is a person who subscribe to see another person’s tweets. A follower should have an account on Twitter, to be able to follow certain people, who also have a Twitter account. They will show up in the followers list of the person that is being followed. Once the person they are following login to Twitter, the follower can see their tweets on their home timeline.  The follower can also have a conversation with the person that is being followed, by using one of the Twitter’s feature which is Direct Messages. For a person to know who’s following them, they can just simply click the followers link and it will show up how many followers they have as well as the specific details about their followers. A person can also increase the numbers of their followers by learning how to engage with other people and being an active part of the Twitter community by means of reading and posting high quality information on this type of social media network.

Twitter followers at first may be family or friends, but as soon as one continuously improves his or her tweets, surge of followers may come right away.